27 dic. 2009

~ Aviso a navegantes.

We had gone for a coffee at that little café at the old part of the town when suddenly a man came running and asked for a cigarette. We answered that we were so sorry, and all of us entered to the café.

But... OhMyFuckingGod!! There were some people smoking marihuana!!
(Did I mention that we were spending our holydays at Amsterdam?)

We stood inside for long hours, almost the whole afternoon, when we noticed that we were quite hungry. We scaped form that place and didn't stop until we saw a mighty expensive chocolate shop.

When I noticed, we had run out of money. About 300 euros were wasted on chocolate.



(you may get high, stoned... or even constipated...)

By the Way
Underrated film "Candy", from 1968
Marlon Brando, Walter Matthau and Richard Burton
Underrated band "Chocolate Watch Band"
from 1968 too.

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