23 may. 2010

~ Redacciones de inglés (III)

Habla sobre algo que te haya ocurrido durante una celebración.
(Obviamente. ¿Cómo habría servidor quedarse en eso? Let's do the Hustle!)

"It was a small wedding like any other in a small road chapel at Alburquerque, New Mexico. We went there to stay at one of my best friends' wedding, who I hadn' seen for ages and was pregnant (by th way, she was the bride. Just in case you haven't noticed yet)

She was going to maryy with a young guy from the town.

She was altmos saying the waited "Yes" when suddenly somebody entered in witha abig noise. The face of my friend (which, by the way, was quite pretty and looked almost like Uma Thruman) was showing a expression of terror. We all turn our heads and see it directly:

There were David Carradine, dressend like a ninja, with three young smoking hot femme-fatales carriying machine guns.

They killed us all, but they didn't noticed that he bride was alive when they left. If you haven't seen the whole first film I'm not going to tell you anything about what happened to her baby.

So, each day, I give thanks to God that all of this story I've told you was only a product of the imagination of Quentin Tarantino."

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